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What is WriteMyThesis.net?

Write My Thesis is a conglomerate of writers, editors and business professionals created to help post-graduate students write theses. We recognized a gap in the writing industry for dependable thesis writing. Our mission at WriteMyThesis.net is to help students become better writers through our process. The WriteMyThesis.net team can provide assistance to Masters and PhD level students for:

How can WriteMyThesis.net help me write my thesis?

Write My Thesis can help any student complete writing their thesis by providing a team of professional writers and editors to help write your thesis. The WriteMyThesis.net Writing Team Manager will use the information you provide to determine the best writer for the assignment. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you provide all the information requested on the Write My Thesis order form.

If you have already written your thesis and want a professional opinion, WriteMyThesis.net offers editing/critiquing services. Most professors suggest that students seek the assistance of a professional editor or writer to help edit their thesis or thesis statement. Our team of professional will assure that your thesis is superbly written!

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When can WriteMyThesis.net help me write my thesis?

Write My Thesis can help any student at any phase of the thesis writing process. We can write one or all chapters, provide editing/critiquing services or write just the thesis statement to get you started. WriteMyThesis.net understand the importance of an effective thesis statement for laying the foundation for the remainder of the thesis. Each of our writers has at least a Masters degree, and many of our writers hold Doctoral degrees. This affords each of our writers first hand experience with the thesis writing process. Write My Thesis can help you once you have completed your thesis with our professional editing services. Using our editing or writing services will fill you with the confidence to successfully defend your thesis.

Who can help me write my thesis?

The professional team of writers at Write My Thesis can help you write your thesis. We can write everything from the outline to the thesis statement and the entire thesis. If you are in need of editing for a thesis that you have already written, the team at WriteMyThesis.net can provide a full critique and edit of your content. Editing includes:

  • Plagiarism Check
  • Formatting verification for in-text citations
  • Formatting verification for references and bibliography
  • Make certain that every citation is referenced
  • Make certain that every referenced source is cited within the thesis content

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