Thesis Proposal Writing Tips

The importance of thesis proposal can hardly be overestimated. knows that based on this paper, the admission committee will decide whether your thesis topic and the project, in general, are relevant and valuable for the sphere of study. This means, that whether you will be accepted to the course or not is largely dependent on your thesis proposal.  In order to write a successful thesis proposal you should know, first of all, what information should be included into it. Write My Thesis writing service wants to help you, providing the needed data.

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Write My Thesis Defines the Main Parts of Thesis Proposal

Every successful thesis proposal must consist of several basic components in which the main ideas of your future thesis are revealed. wants you to mind it while writing your thesis proposal and be careful not to forget to include important parts. According to Write My Thesis writing service, thesis proposals are made up of the following:

  • Title Page. It is a short and essential title for the proposed thesis work. Don’t forget to include the author, research advisor and the delivery date.
  • Abstract. It is a brief summary for your thesis proposal writing. According to, it normally shouldn’t be long – not excessing the number of 200 words.
  • Table of Contents. It is a list of headings and subheading involving the page numbers.
  • Introduction. It is the background for your study and, as our writers from Write My Thesis writing service agreements, it has to keep the attention of the audience.
  • Thesis statement. Yes, here you state the thesis proposal. Choose either a form of a hypothesis or project statement. Also, it may be a form of the research question or a goal statement.
  • Approach or Methods. It is a description of the methods to be used and it also contains details of your approach, procedures, and materials. thinks that it is important to mention the techniques and calculations there.
  • Preliminary results and discussion. It is the discussion of obtained results of your thesis proposal.
  • Work plan. Here you must point out the timetable of your project research indicating deadlines and the fact of work being completed.
  • Implication of research for your thesis proposal
  • List of reference. This, according to, is needed to provide the correct source quotation.

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