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According to WriteMyThesis.net, a thesis outline is a coherent and structured list of important elements of your thesis topic. In other words, it represents the differentiation of your thesis topic into more particular sections, so that it was easier to understand what your thesis paper will be about.Write My Thesis writing service knows that many students need to submit a thesis outline to their professor before actually writing their thesis, that is why our writers want to provide you with useful tips for your thesis outline writing.

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Write My Thesis Tells How to Create a Thesis Outline

Thesis outline has to be composed of several parts. Our writers at WriteMyThesis.net agree that, first of all, you should state the purpose of writing your thesis. This will be then transformed into your central thesis statement, so our service advise you paying proper attention to it.  Going further with your thesis outline, according to Write My Thesis Writign Service, you should lay out the main points and subpoints of your thesis topic.

Let’s review the main steps to follow when building up the thesis topic outline:

  •     In the formal system of the topic outline division is marked with Roman numerals (I, II, III…):

I. Major idea/ division

II. Major idea/ division

  •     Afterwards you make the subdivisions marking them with capital letters (A, B, C…):

II. Major idea/ division

A. Supportive idea/ subdivision

B. Supportive idea/ subdivision

  •     Use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3…) if you need to arrange the second level of subdivision:

B. Supportive idea/ subdivision

1. Second-level subdivision

2. Second-level subdivision

  •  Small letters (a, b, c…) are used in the third level of subdivision:

2. Second-level subdivision

a. Third- level subdivision

b. Third- level subdivision

In the conclusion of your thesis outline it might be useful, according to WriteMyTehsis.net, to say a couple of words about the expected outcome of your work. Our service is sure that if you follow these tips, you will easily reach success with your thesis outline.

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