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5 Main Parts of Thesis Paper

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Thesis Paper Writing Importance

Before you can even have your diploma and finish your undergraduate course, you need to submit a thesis and defend your research in front of a panel composed of professors and other academicians. There are already instances where students are not able to graduate on time simply because they fail to submit their thesis. This is basically you one of the reasons why everyone spends a lot of time, money, and effort to ensure that they can make a quality and well-researched thesis.

You can actually consider your thesis as a published work under your name. Basically, the main objective for you is to be able to use the Knowledge and Skills that you have gained all throughout your graduate program and apply it in such a way that you will be able to use it to analyze and solve problems related to your field of study. But as you write your research work, there are challenges that go along the way. To save yourself from a lot of stress, it actually helps to seek professional help. Many students get experts to help them finish their thesis work.

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Thesis Paper Structure

Writing any written requirement can be a challenging task more so that you have to consider its overall excellence as for you to showcase your level of comprehension. It is not a surprise that many are struggling with creating a good content of thesis which is why many are seeking dissertation advisor online. Our company is committed in giving you top notch help that is focused on giving you premium dissertation content that will surely impress your target audience. With our help, you will be able to save a great deal of time without compromising the quality of your final dissertation.


Write my thesis says that every formal piece of writing has a regulated number and sequence of components. That is why when writing a research paper or a thesis you are to follow the general rules known throughout scientific society. Be sure to structure your paper correctly and check out the main parts of thesis paper you are to include into a winning written assignment.

The 5 main parts of thesis paper are presented below:

Part 1. Abstract & Introduction

Some professional thesis paper writers claim the Introduction to be the last part written while composing a winning paper. Some authors, on the contrary, do write the Introduction at the very beginning. No matter which variant you choose, be sure to include the general information of the topic investigated into your Introduction and main excerpts of the paper into the Abstract.

Part 2. Methods of Investigation

The choice of methods for the research paper depends on the scientific discipline you investigate. In any case, the research you perform should be based on the careful scientific base. Defining the appropriate method is the key point in the whole investigation procedure.

Part 3. Results You Have Achieved and Discussion

In this structural part of your written paper you are to present the whole complex of achieved results. The Discussion section should be closely connected with your Introduction, which pointed the direction of your investigation. Do not be shy and tell your scientific advisor “I have a couple of questions when I write my thesis” – and he will definitely help you.

Part 4. Conclusion

The Conclusion is one of the main parts of thesis paper on any subject. Be sure to provide not only tables and graphs but careful data analysis and linking commentaries. If it is still a problem for you to compose a good paper, you may just ask our custom thesis writing company “Write my thesis for me” – and your difficulties will disappear.

Part 5. List of Bibliographical Sources

To avoid accusations in plagiarism you should include the proper list of books and other sources you have used during your investigation into a separate table. Give references to the authors whose works were of significant value for your research.

Write My Thesis Service Will Do Your Thesis Professionally

Thesis writing requires proper planning and organization skills, as well as an ability to conduct a research and express your thoughts in writing. Our writers from Write My Thesis writing service have all the needed skills to do your thesis properly, you can be sure of that.

When assigned to do your thesis, an expert writer from will, first of all, get acquainted with your thesis topic or will help you to think of a new, more effective one. Afterward, he will go through each and every thesis writing stage with you, namely:

  • Create an outline for your thesis
  • Write an introduction of your thesis
  • Do the main body conducting the research
  • Write the conclusions chapter
  • Write bibliography and references chapter of your thesis
  • Do thesis editing and proofreading for you
  • Formant your thesis

How to Create a Thesis Outline

Thesis outline has to be composed of several parts. Let’s review the main steps to follow when building up the thesis topic outline:

  •     In the formal system of the topic outline division is marked with Roman numerals (I, II, III…):

I. Major idea/ division

II. Major idea/ division

  •     Afterwards, you make the subdivisions marking them with capital letters (A, B, C…):

II. Major idea/ division

A. Supportive idea/ subdivision

B. Supportive idea/ subdivision

  •     Use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3…) if you need to arrange the second level of subdivision:

B. Supportive idea/ subdivision

1. Second-level subdivision

2. Second-level subdivision

  •  Small letters (a, b, c…) are used in the third level of subdivision:

2. Second-level subdivision

a. Third- level subdivision

b. Third- level subdivision

In the conclusion of your thesis outline it might be useful, to say a couple of words about the expected outcome of your work. Our service is sure that if you follow these tips, you will easily reach success with your thesis outline.

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