Creating a Thesis Statement

What Is a Thesis Statement?

When writing a research work especially if it’s your thesis that you have to submit as part of your undergraduate program, it needs to be persuasive in such a way that you’re going to convince your readers that you have something important, logical, and analytical point of view on the particular subject that you are studying. In any thesis, there is what you call a thesis statement.

What is basically a thesis statement? This refers to a statement that tells your readers how you will interpret a subject matter that is under academic discussion. It is more like a short summary as to what your whole paper is all about. With the help of a thesis statement, your readers know what to expect from your research work.

There are different ways to craft a thesis statement. In some cases, you may be asked to take a specific position to even make a claim based on the specific topic that you are studying. In this case, you will have to convey that specific claim in your thesis statement.

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Different Types of Thesis Statement

There are two different types of thesis statement. These include argumentative and explanatory. Your readers will read your thesis statement and it is very important that you are able to put in a comprehensive and logical statement the significance and findings of your study.

  • The explanatory thesis argument, from the word itself, seeks to provide explanation. There are research questions that needs answers. If you are writing research essays as well as expository essays, you often use this type of thesis statement.
  • On the other hand, the argumentative thesis statement is different. With this kind of thesis statement, you need to make a claim. It is not just making a claim, you need to back it up with scientific findings based on the data you have gathered and your in-depth research.

What Is the Formula for a Good Thesis Statement?

  • First is you need to determine what kind of paper you are writing.
  • For an analytical thesis, you need to break down an issue into various parts or you may also evaluate the idea.
  • If it is an expository, you will have to explain it to your audience.
  • If your thesis is more argumentative then you will have to make a claim and this should be based on your findings.
  • Remember when writing a thesis statement that it has to be specific.
  • Do not write too many sentences and have a lengthy one.
  • Put your readers in mind especially since the thesis statement acts as a summary to what the paper is all about.
  • It is okay to revise your thesis statement when you make changes with your paper.
  • Your thesis statement should be persuasive.
  • Thesis statement should be able to tell something to the reader.

Making a Thesis Statement with Professionals

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Professional Examples of Writing Thesis Statements

When creating a thesis statements, you have to be precise. You need to be specific and make sure that your reader understands what your paper is all about.

Look at the example below:

  • Thesis Statement 1: Timber wolves are gentle animals and even timid, but they are still being exterminated.
  • Thesis Statement 2: Timber wolves are actually gentle animals. But they are being exterminates because a lot of people think that they kill and are dangerous.

The first thesis statement is just too general. It did not answer the question as to why timber wolves are being exterminated. Thesis statement 2 is straightforward and specific. When creating a thesis statement, you need to be concise and you have to put a strong statement that will best describe your research work.

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