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How to Rate and Grade my Thesis: Some Tips

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Deciding on the Criteria

If you need to rate or grade a thesis the first thing to do is finding out what the criteria for evaluation are. They may be both subjective and objective. The latter ones cover the thesis’s actuality, good structuring and content, etc. The subjective criteria may cover your personal opinion about the author of the thesis and, want it or not, this will have an impact on the general thesis rate.

thesis defense tips for phd
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If you do not really feel sure in your own evaluation, you may ask your colleagues or friends “Grade my thesis” or “Rate my thesis” or use the online anonymous service for thesis rating and grading.

Thesis Writing Criteria

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If you see that your thesis is far from being perfect you may define what you do lack in its composing. First of all, pay attention to the content of the thesis, hypothesis, and arguments for and against, your existing literature reviewing and general consistency of the research topic. Try to analyze the general impression of the thesis on the audience. Imagine how you will be presenting it in front of the committee: will each member be satisfied with your presentation? have you met the topic of your research? was the research well-carried out? will the presentation and overall performance be appropriate? have you obeyed the structure laws and so on. These are only a few question for you to answer.

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There is also a choice to get the other kind of thesis evaluation. It is the special on-line service that allows its user to upload their own papers and let others vote for or against them. If you ask the users “Colleagues, rate my thesis or grade my thesis if it is possible”, they will hardly deny. There you may evaluate the papers yourself or ask others about evaluating your own work. Papers from different spheres of interest are presented here, so you will definitely find the ones that fit to your scientific interests.

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If you have problems not only with “rate my thesis” (“grade my thesis”), but with the entire process of the thesis composing, you may send another request to the custom papers professional writers: “Write my thesis!” They will gladly cope with this task instead of you.

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